You can shut me out.

You can hold me at an arms distance away.

You can hide your heart away never to be shared again.

All these things come at a cost.

After all is done and things are brought into the light,

you will only be left with emptiness and a hunger to be loved.

You see, the pain from the past does not fade away it lingers

and continues to destroy what little you have.

The fear of being hurt crowds out any hope for true love.

It's only when you can share the pain that the load is lightened.

As you share you allow me to love you.

This invitation to love begins to heal the wounded heart.

Love comes in and heals the pain.

To be truly loved you must be truly known by another.

It's not something that happens over night

but something we choose moment by moment

as we begin to trust and bare our heart to love.


1996 Dale Speakes