Hey You!Yeah You!

What are you doing?

Helping out your fellow man.

Are you for real?Is this something new?

To extend, unselfishly, a giving hand.

Our minds have been programmed.

Since the youngest memories, around the age of two.

It all started a little sooner with the invention of the boob tube.

This is my opinion and I believe it to be true.

Our minds have been conditioned.

It was subtle and innocent in Broadway shows before my birth.

Slapstick comedy it is known as, and it looked quite real.

Chaplin, Red Skelton, the Stooges are some with mirth.

Small pains and hits that did hurt, but no big deal.


Television moved in and invaded our homes.

Cartoons were created to entertain our youth.

The violence went father than slapstick could go.

Explosives and anvils were part of the show.


Problems are solved by what we were taught.

Not by parents but society as a whole.

Use more power, or talk, till the weak side is seen.

Then hit with excessive force, if someone else is hit thatís an acceptable loss.

From war movies, to the single heroes, all die trying to stop the good guy.

It will never end, till we do.


©1982 Larry Steve McCall