Hey look at this world; itís out of control.

Narcissistic inhabitants are running the show.

Causing morals to decay day by day.

Pleasure is the goal no matter whatís in the way.

Six month olds are no safer than eighty year olds.

Evil has got a foothold and will not go away.


Anarchy is spreading slowly but sure.

Simplicity has turned to complexity.

Complexity is becoming chaotic.

Causing stress to make one be on a drug or narcotic.


The U.S. is the leader of this manmade horror.

Anorexia, Bulimia, and serial murders galore.

Hatred is seen nightly on T.V. and paper.

Man is transfixed on others misfortune.

Too bad the culture could have been altered.

Where good deeds are reported instead of the other.


Oh yes, kind hearts are rewarded by media attention.

1 to 1000 stories daily I guess.

The people, who give their lives for others, have two minutes of fame.

Ones that take, are forever honored in books and on tape.


This verse has no strength because it attacks.

No one wants to know the true facts.

Maybe one day our reflection of life might change this tide.

Who knows, the good people could monopolize the media, by their unselfish acts.

Itís a thought, a prayer, or a big Christmas wish.


©1982 Larry Steve McCall