"Living on the edge has you studying all those little oddments that are balancing and dancing there along with you that nobody else notices, much less cares about." A.B. Curtiss 1

"Sane and insane are not something that we are or aren't. Sane and insane are modes of behavior that we use or don't use." A.B. Curtiss 2

"For people who will not question themselves and their thinking, nothing can be done." A.B. Curtiss 3

"The past can explain the present, but the past can never take responsibility for the present. That belongs only to us." A.B. Curtiss 4

"The point is not whether we might be, or might not be, at fault for the way we are. The point is that we are always and inimitably the remedy." A.B. Curtiss 5

A. B. Curtiss - Depression is a Choice
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